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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Laminar Flow Clean Room Products

Clean room hoods like laminar flow hoods have filtration systems controlling airflow and velocity to keep airborne particles from having contact with other objects or particles. Laminar flow clean room hoods help protecting and keep areas sanitary and contaminant –free, retaining the ability to protect samples and laboratory workers from contamination.

Laminar flow clean room products such as biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, flow hoods and clean benches. Fume hoods keep toxic vapors out of the working area. Biological safety cabinet can protect the specimen and the worker from biological contamination. Flow hoods either horizontal or vertical air streams that protect the specimen with their own contamination-free filtered air. They can be used whenever a controlled environment at the bench top level is required.

In the industries including the research, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, bioscience, aerospace and food processing industries, use laminar flow clean room hoods everyday. Below is some sample of products by Clean Air Products manufacturer:

Fume Hoods – Series 1411

Clean Air Products' fume hoods have several sizes and configurations. The flexibility allows their customers' needs to be satisfied with a minimum of compromise.For maximum chemical resistance, the fume hoods are fabricated by stainless steel, polypropylene or fire-retardant polypropylene. Safeguarding the operators was a major concern and high priority in the design of this fume hood. An extensive list of options is available to adapt each fume hood to its particular application.

Features of Fume Hoods

Designed for maximum chemical resistance
Available in stainless steel, white polypropylene or fire-retardant white polypropylene
Units are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 ft. widths and 30, 36, and 42 in. depths. Other sizes are available upon request
Units are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 ft. widths and 30, 36, and 42 in. depths. Other sizes are available upon request
Superior quality, excellent appearance, and ruggedness have been achieved through a safety-oriented design
An extensive list of options available to meet your application requirements

Laminar Flow Hoods Workstation – Series 301

Laminar Flow Hoods Workstation (Series 301) is a general-purpose, horizontal flow clean bench is suitable to many types of mechanical or processing work. It is designed to provide a Class 100 or Class 10 clean air environment ideally for laboratory work, manufacturing, testing, inspection and/or pharmaceutical operations.The clean HEPA-filtered air flows outward from the cabinet. This horizontal laminar flow air washes out particulates and protect from contamination by entering the clean work zone. The Laminar Flow Workstation features "clean edge" construction that puts the hood and table top in shear with the media edge of the HEPA filters. It will reducing turbulence along the sides of the hood, improves the laminar flow hoods, and prevents contamination infiltration around the perimeter of the hoods.

Features of Laminar Flow Hoods

FLEX DUCT provides a factory sealed clean laminar airflow system with simple front HEPA filter removal
HEPA filter 99.99% efficient
Motor speed infinitely variable with solid state controller
Protective grill for absolute filter
Fiberglass prefilter easily removable
Formica tabletop
Duplex outlet for auxiliary equipment
"Clean" edge air-shear of the absolute filter
Shipped fully assembled, ready for operation, certified to meet or exceed Class 100 conditions of Federal Standard 209E
Superior quality, excellent appearance, and ruggedness have been achieved through the use of new wraparound structural design
Vinclad steel or painted structural materials offer the ultimate in appearance and a surface resistant to abuse
Selected sizes and options UL listed

Clean Room Benches – Series 416

The 416VF Series of Clean Room Benches are a vertical laminar flow clean room benches designed to install on top of typical metro wire or eagle-type wire shelving. The Clean Room Benches Series 416HF are a horizontal laminar flow clean room bench unit designed to set on table top and blow horizontally. Clean Room Benches come in several sizes of 2 x 2 ft., 2 x 3 ft., 2 x 4 ft., and 2 x 6 ft.

Features of Clean Room Benches

Decorative white painted steel housing
Internal motorized filter unit for full filter coverage
Solid curtains on three sides
Strip door on front
2 ft. x 4ft. shelving size
120 V power cord

Clean Room Inflow Dust Containment Cabinet – Series 1522

The Series 1522 Clean Room inflow dust containment cabinet comes in several of sizes and styles. The features are depending on the design of unit you choose. The standard Series 1522 Clean Room Dust Containment Cabinet units build of painted steel. This finish is designed to be compatible with normal clean room environments. The Clean Room Dust Containment Cabinet system is patterned to draw air into the wall-mounted filters that filtered and discharged back into the space.Note: The Clean Room Dust Containment Cabinet system is not designed to work with flammable vapors, odors, or corrosives. Protective garments and respirators should be worn by personal to prevent exposure to materials being used within the system.

Features of Clean Room Inflow Dust Containment Cabinet

Acrylic hood
Standard prefilter provides efficiency of 40% by NBS Test Method using atmospheric dust or better; high efficiency filters available
Customized options available
99.99% filter efficiency on 0.3 Micron (standard) HEPA and on 0.12 Micron ULPA
Effective solution for mailroom protection, hazardous materials, and bio-safety cabinet applications
Requires very little maintenance to achieve continuous optimum performance

Clean Air Products has been designing and manufacturing high quality clean room hoods systems, clean room components, clean room equipment and clean room supplies for a broad range of clean room applications since 1969, including those in the semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical and aerospace/military industries, among others. They can be contacted at 763.425.9122.

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