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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Clean Room Hoods - secondary tips

In my previous article, I already touch the 5 primary tips that can be a guideline for you before you make any decision to buy clean room hoods. The 5 tips are the clean room hoods is customize base on your requirement; the supplier provide consultation and training for your team; the supplier provide 24 hours and 7 days service and technical assistance; the clean room hoods equipped by HEPA filters and it is comply with ISO standard. However, there are some other factors that can assist you to get a suitable clean room hoods for your industry. Check it out!!

In a clean room hoods, the main compartment that play a major role in air purification is the filter. Check with your supplier, how long is the life span of the filter. The longer of the filter life span of your clean room hood is better. It will reduce hazel while you are focusing in your product analysis.

Check also from your supplier on the maintenance of you clean room hoods. Get the lowest maintenance of operation from the suppliers. Minimum maintenance of operation required, will make the hoods more friendly use. For the price, get quotation from them and take a little bit of your time to make comparison. It is not necessary the lowest price will give the lowest quality. Sometimes it’s depending on the package of the product and how the negotiation conducted.

Also ask your supplier on the efficiency of the clean room hoods. Normally, clean room hoods suppliers can provide some data analysis to show on the effectiveness of the hoods. They can conduct a clean room hoods performance test by using portable scan-pro airborne laser particle counter. Before start, in some test, it is recorded more than 5 millions particles at 0.3 microns in size per cubic foot (depend to the room condition). Just after 1 minute operation of clean room hoods, zero particles recorded in the area of the clean room hoods itself.

Work concentration is very important for the industries such as Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Manufacturing, Sterile Assembly and Industrial facilities. Not only sound, small vibration also will affect the result of the analysis. To have a good clean room hoods, get the quiet operation and very minimum vibration. The result will be more accurate.

A conducive working environment also important to the staffs. Attractive appearance and presentable display of clean room hoods will create a good and professional working environment.

If your industry required small and portable clean room hoods, make sure it is lightweight. It will help when you need to do some relocation and shifting the hoods to different area. Features of the clean room hoods with adjustable speed control and hinged sloping lid will ease you to meet your needs.

Some suppliers of clean room hoods provide additional service to their client. They can provide extensive consultancy service, do planning, troubleshooting and surveys. They also can provide comprehensive proposal and maintenance, compliance and control.

So, before you make any decision to buy any clean room hoods, read the above articles first. It may help you to purchase a clean room hoods that worth for your money.

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